About Us


Why this Politica Party

India got independence on 15 Aug 1947 which is known to every citizen of this great nation. India had been fighting with marauders from the beginning of the last millennium starting with Mamud of Gazani till we drove out East India Company. and finally won independence.

Within three months of Independence the country was pushed into war with Pakistan on the Jammu and Kashmir issue. It was followed by Chinese Aggression which we lost due to governments apathy towards Defence preparedness. Many brave hearts laid down their lives defending our great Nation. They either died in the battle field or were captured as prisoners of war but never ran away from the battle field despite many draw backs like lack of arms and ammunition, food, Extreme cold climate clothing etc. Again the country had to fight wars with Pakistan in 1965, China on Nathula front in 1967 and again Pakistan in 1971. There was insurgency in north east in Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Bodo Land Gorkha land and Khalistan issue in Punjab. After that India was pushed into Sri Lankan without consulting the Armed forces. The visionary Prime Minister Shri Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee initiated peace negotiations through bus services, Pakistan concurrently started preparing for slicing away Ladhak by occupation of Kargil sector which ultimately resulted in Operation Vijay (Kargil War) culminating in the defeat of Pakistan. Besides above there were other Operation Viz Operation Polo to free Hyderabad in 1948, Operation Vijay to free Portugese colonies of Goa, Daman and Diu, Operation Megdhoot on Siachin, Samdrong Chu standoff in 1987 and latest being the Chinese standoff in Ladhak. In so far more than 26,000 Soldiers have had laid down their lives and Lakhs have been disabled in the line of duty. That is the price that the country has paid for protecting the Independence and the territorial Integrity of the nation leaving thousands of children orphaned and mothers widowed.

Why this Political Revolution

The country would have been disintegrated but for the presence of the Army. Armed Forces have immensely contributed to protect the nation during many a natural calamity and internal security. But the internal political situation had deteriorated since independence by rise of factionalism, feudalism, Division on the basis of language, Cast creed, Religion and so on countless number of issues. The political parties utilised these issues to their advantage and gained benefit out of these issues rather than uniting the country on a single focal point of our identity as the citizens of the great Nation Bharath. Apart from these issues there has been growth is bad governance, Corruption, misuse of funds, Lack of growth of infrastructure etc. Importantly education and health care had took a back seat.

The external debt has grown to more than 9% of the GDP amounting to more than 70 Lakhs crores. Considering all these it doesn’t require an educated man to predict an economic break down and a civil war in the near future. It will not be a surprise if the citizens of the country plummet to a situation as happened as it happened in Venezuela, Sri Laknka, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Considering all these few likeminded committed Ex-Servicemen have joined hands to raise this party “Sarvajanika Adarsha Sena”. The party is open to all citizens who are committed to serve the nation. The focal point of the party will be fair and just governance, Corruption free, quality education for all by the government, Quality health cover to all the citizens of the country, Uniform industrial development across the nation instead of focussing on few specific cities, focus on environment to improve so that its effect on humanity is reduced etc.

We the founding party members appeal to the citizens of this great country cutting across all the barriers such as language, religion, region, cast creed etc. and join hands with us so that we can establish new world order despite our demographic differences with “Country is Always first and foremost”. Let us all be a model to our future generation and the world for safe and happy living.